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Steven Laitmon

Steven  Laitmon
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    Steven Laitmon has been passionately helping his clients navigate complex transactions for the past 20 years. Steven’s long term client advocacy approach lends itself to relationships founded on longevity, trust and integrity. By focusing on his motto that there is “no client request too large or too small,” Steven has become graciously ingrained in his client’s lives. He strives to best counsel them by absorbing his client’s needs and concerns, acting as a sounding board, and sourcing market solutions efficiently and discreetly. Steven is an exceptional listener and is available to his clients 24/7. He has worn many hats to make his clients feel that they are being heard and well-represented.

    As an attorney by trade, Steven founded and ran The Calendar Group, a reputable boutique oagency that staffs homes and estates. The Calendar Group has achieved over $50 million in sales and prides itself on a “high touch” and “best match” client approach. Steven appreciates that a client’s time is their most valuable resource and works closely with his clients to ensure that every detail is attended to. During his time with The Calendar Group, Steven has been imbued with a unique perspective on the five star service experience his clients expect, and deserve. This experience trained Steven to have a discerning eye with real estate acquisitions as well as estate management priorities, day-to-day details of staffing and household issues. The Calendar Group’s client-centric philosophies lend themselves extremely well to Luxe Latitudes at Compass. Steven’s network of “best in class” relationships are invaluable to clients whether they have the most mundane needs or the most complex transactions. As Steven transitions his expertise and experience to the real estate field, he looks forward to leveraging his background, acumen and relationships to provide a top experience for clients of Compass. Together with The Luxe Latitudes at Compass, there is no market where Steven does not have a significant and trusted presence. Steven attended Emory University before receiving his JD from Cardozo Law School and being admitted to both the California Bar and New York Bar. He has lived in Los Angeles, New York and Connecticut. Steven has been raising a family in Westport for the past 15 years and knows the area and market extremely well. He is a proud family man married to Nathalie and a father to Jadon, Aurelia, Apollo and Goldendoodle Moby.

    If you’d like to learn more about my staffing services, please check out The Calendar Group.

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